How to Maintain an Inspiring Workspace 28/10/2015

Working from home is an everyday war. On the other side of the battlefield, the internet leers back with a calm expression, because it knows that you’re going to lay down your sword and succumb to the inevitable. It’s 9:05am and you’ve already checked your e-mail and watched eight cat videos. “Just one more” you said, but by lunchtime you’ve ordered Chinese and watched an entire season of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Once again, the internet has won.

Stress: Where It All Goes Downhill

We will always be subjected to emotional and mental stress as long as we are working; that’s simply the way of things. We worry about money, time-keeping, irritable clients, tax returns and so on. 75% of us will experience varying levels of stress at any moment in time, and the biological response to that is to run away to our comfort zone. For me that’s food and television.

#1. Don’t Have a Workspace

Yep, you heard me correctly: the more time you spend convincing yourself that your iPad needs updating or your desk chair isn’t as “cushy” as it used to be, the more time you’re wasting. Apps and hardware can be distracting — consider eliminating some (air-quote) dependencies in your workspace, or better yet, see how you do without any equipment at all. If your work is very hands-on, then fair enough, but if your work is completely digital, then spend a few hours in a local café without nothing but a laptop.